Instead of having to manually enter your search criteria per job board you can now search for CVs using the same job you use for posting with Knollenstein.

Directly from Knollenstein

Using Knollenstein, searching for CVs on multiple channels is almost as easy as posting a job to multiple channels. On posting a job, simply select the channels you want to do a search for CVs on as well.

Knollenstein CV Search

Or search for CVs from your system without any modification to your system

Knollenstein CV Search+ does not require any changes to your system / ATS. All you do is send an additional channel code with the job (e.g. 'JBBIRD-NL-CVS' for CV search).

Searching CVs and inviting candidates made easy

  1. On posting a job also select the channel(s) you want to do a search for CVs on
  2. In the email sent to you, click on the link to the search results on
  3. Browse through the CVs and select the candidates you want to apply
  4. Candidates receive an email inviting them to apply or indicate their availability
  5. Candidates apply using your normal online apply form. Knollenstein will add the 'CV Search' channel code so you know the source of the job application

No need to enter search criteria per job board / channel

Knollenstein users are already spoilt with not having to enter criteria per job board on posting a job and the same applies to CV search+. The same job to post and search.

Plan your search

Indicate when you have time to go through the search results and only then will Knollenstein perform the search and send you the email with the link to the search results. It's that easy.

Statistics: CV search+ is just another channel

Your stats in Knollenstein and/or your ATS show how many candidates applied from a CV search+, next to the number of applicants applying to the same job posted on job boards.

We keep track of the candidate's status

If a candidate indicates he/she is no longer available, the CV search results on that job board / channel will indicate this in the search results the next time around. So there is no need for you to keep track of the candidate's status.

No need to wait for slow websites

Knollenstein performs the search just before we send you the email with the link to the search results on Because of this, slow job boards / channels will not slow you down.