# 1 in user friendliness

Our clients tell us: compared to other systems Knollenstein is by far the most user-friendly system, both when used directly and from an ATS.

400+ job boards

You can automatically post jobs on over 400 job boards, social media channels, including your own website.

No guessing your criteria

100% guaranteed your job is posted using your preferred criteria, as you yourself manage the mapping between your criteria and those of the job boards.

Realtime job posting

No ‘feeds’ but realtime interfaces: on 90% of the interfaced job boards your job is visible to candidates within 10 minutes.

Innovation and patents

Knollenstein Technologies has patents pending in the UK, USA and The Netherlands among others.

Development team

Our development team in Brno (Czech Republic) is directed from The Netherlands and is currently also working on the latest version of our system.

Technical support staff

When contacting Knollenstein you are directly connected to our technical, professional and friendly support staff (the same guys who interface the job boards).

No long term contracts

No need to sign a long term contract. Only Knollenstein Technologies allows you to cancel your subscription every month.