Advertise all your job ads and search CV's from one easy to use system to over 400 job boards, social networking sites and other high traffic websites.


Knollenstein can post jobs as a status update or post the jobs on the LinkedIn job board. If you don't have a recruiter account on LinkedIn for posting jobs, you can automatically buy credits through Knollenstein and post your job on the LinkedIn job board as well.

When a job is posted as a Tweet the job title and region are usually used. Knollenstein will automatically make the job title, region and link to the job fit Twitter's 140 characters limit.

You can post jobs to Facebook using Knollenstein as a status update on your Fan Page or to your Facebook App.

Automatic landing pages
Post your job as a status update on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and candidates will be redirected to the job description on your website. Knollenstein will keep track of the number of clicks for you.

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