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When recruiting for a client, the ideal situation of course is to have exclusivity. Often this is not the case as you are competing with other suppliers. In this competition it is essential to be the first to supply the right candidate, thus ensuring your deal.

On over 90% of job boards and social media sites connected by Knollenstein you can post your jobs in ‘real time': your job is posted directly on the job board (usually within 10 minutes) and is instantly visible to candidates.

Less than 10% of job boards connected by Knollenstein only support ‘feeds': your job is posted on the Knollenstein servers for the job boards to collect at a later time. Since the frequency of collecting the jobs is determined by the job boards, this way of posting (using ‘feeds’) is less attractive; it can take a couple of hours before the job board collects the jobs from our servers.

On our website you can see which job boards and social media sites support realtime posting (Realtime (fast job posting, feedback on successful posting)) and which support feeds only (Feed (not realtime, no feedback on successful posting)).

At Knollenstein we have an exceptionally high percentage of realtime interfaces, as we know the positive effect it will have on your bottom line.

Check out the over 400 job boards and social media sites connected here.

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