Advertise all your job ads and search CV's from one easy to use system to over 400 job boards, social networking sites and other high traffic websites.


Your jobs on your own website
Post your jobs from Knollenstein to your own website.

Hosted by a third party
If you already have a job board on your own website Knollenstein can interface to it. This means that the same jobs you post to external job boards and social media can now also be posted to your own job board with the same click.

Hosted by Knollenstein
Add a Knollenstein job section to your website and post your jobs on your website using your corporate identity. Knollenstein will provide you with a job board for your own website, neatly integrated and optimised for search engines like Google.

Job applications
Jobs posted by Knollenstein all contain a link back to your application form. This link also contains information on what job board or social medium the job application link was clicked for your statistics.

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