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Time Labour costs1
Time / labour costs with manual entry:  hours EUR ,00
Time / labour costs using other systems2:  hours EUR ,00
Time / labour costs using Knollenstein:  hours EUR ,00
1Based on an average recruiter salary.
2Other systems require you to enter the job criteria for each job board.

Monthly subscriptions
You want to use Knollenstein to post jobs to job boards and social media. You start with selecting a subscription based on: number of jobs x number of channels (on average). If you use more than the subscription extra credits will be charged, but if the change in usage is longer term you can change the subscription according to your needs.

Subscription*Included postingceditsPriceExtra credits
Single credits0EUR 0,00EUR 5,00
Starter20 + unlimited updatesEUR 22,50EUR 1,10
Medio50 + unlimited updatesEUR 45,00EUR 0,90
Cento100 + unlimited updatesEUR 75,00EUR 0,75
ProBrons250 + unlimited updatesEUR 175,00EUR 0,70
ProSilver500 + unlimited updatesEUR 265,00EUR 0,54
ProGold1000 + unlimited updatesEUR 445,00EUR 0,45
ProDiamond2500 + unlimited updatesEUR 995,00EUR 0,40
ProDiamond55000 + unlimited updatesEUR 1595,00EUR 0,32
ProDiamond1010000 + unlimited updatesEUR 2895,00EUR 0,29
ProDiamond1515000 + unlimited updatesEUR 3995,00EUR 0,27
ProDiamond2020000 + unlimited updatesEUR 4995,00EUR 0,26
ProDiamond2525000 + unlimited updatesEUR 5995,00EUR 0,24
ProDiamond3030000 + unlimited updatesEUR 6595,00EUR 0,22
* in combination with some partner systems Cento is the minimum subscription
* prices are excl. VAT and in Euro's.
* update: an update or removal of a job on a job board / channel

CVSearch+ Subscriptions (EUR)

Subscription*Included ceditsPriceExtra credits
CVSearch+ Starter25EUR 55,00EUR 2,20
CVSearch+ Medio50EUR 95,00EUR 2,00
CVSearch+ Cento100EUR 175,00EUR 1,80
CVSearch+ ProBrons250EUR 395,00EUR 1,60
CVSearch+ ProSilver500EUR 695,00EUR 1,40
CVSearch+ ProGold1000EUR 1195,00EUR 1,20
* Pricing valid from January 1st, 2014
* in combination with some partner systems Cento is the minimum subscription
* prices are excl. VAT and in Euro's.

You have on average 30 jobs you want to advertise every month and expect to use 2 job boards and Twitter for each job, totaling 90 ads. The 'Medio' subscription would be the best fit for this type of usage.

Extra credits
Included in the 'Medio' subscription are 50 credits (one credit is one job posting on one channel). If you would use more than 50 credits in a month using the Medio subscription the additional cost is EUR 0,90 per credit.

Additional benefits
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited channels
  • Unlimited updating of jobs
  • No costs for deleting jobs

Cost savings
The biggest cost saver you get only from Knollenstein is not having to enter job details per job board. Time saved here with every job posting can be used to e.g. acquire new clients.

No long term contracts
Clients keep using Knollenstein because they are satisfied. Not because of a long term contract, as subscriptions can be cancelled every month.

Setup Service
To start using Knollenstein is very easy. Before the 2 month trial, the system is fully implemented by Knollenstein: locations, recruiters (optional), job board accounts, application links and mappings. You can manage the locations, recruiters and mappings subsequently. The job board and social media accounts will be managed for you by Knollenstein Technologies.

Curious how much time Knollenstein can save for your organisation? Feel free to contact us on: +31 (0)35-528 0 333 or