Innovations of Knollenstein Technologies are aimed at more ease of use for recruiters.

Knollenstein Navigatie

Navigation tree

The navigation tree in the Knollenstein user interface helps users to retrieve their job ads quickly, by channel, by location or by recruiter.

Mapping tool

You decide in advance your preferred criteria to match those of the job boards. In this way it is 100% guaranteed your jobs are posted with the correct criteria without having to enter criteria per vacancy per channel.

Knollenstein does not make use of ‘self-learning systems’, nor are criteria guessed on the basis of job descriptions, as our clients want a 100% guarantee for jobs to be placed under the accurate categories.

Job board connections are configured instead of built

Knollenstein’s technical support staff configure the connections with the job boards. Without any help of developers. The great advantage, of course, is that clients as well as job boards are better serviced, as Knollenstein’s support staff are also the people interfacing the job boards.

CV Search+

Another innovation aimed at more ease of use for the recruiter: CV Search+. Searching CVs has been scrutinized here. Knollenstein came to the conclusion that recruiters waste a lot of time contacting selected candidates. At the same time, including the CV in the ATS is time consuming. CV Search+ of Knollenstein resolves this issue in an innovative way.

Patent-pending: ‘’

Knollenstein Technologies has solved one of the biggest problems in recruitment and applied for patent: mobile application. By offering candidates the possibility to apply with their job board CV through regular application forms, every mobile user can really apply. And because Knollenstein makes use of the regular application form the process is not interrupted (as opposed to, for example, ‘Apply with LinkedIn’).

New platform

For some time now our development team in Brno (Czech Republic) has been working on our new platform. The first product to go live on the new platform is, with our multi-posting system following next.